About Us

Welcome to SaletiWorking Women Clothing Store

‘Bringing fashion in day to day life of a modern woman while doing our bit in keeping environment safe with usage of biodegradable and eco-friendly raw materials’

Viewing ourselves as one of the promoters of environment, we work towards incorporating fashion in women’s daily jobs, be it work, official gatherings, social gatherings or leisure. As fashion is known to be one of the confidence booster, we aim to emerge as one of the leading fashion brands dedicated to empowering our women. Delivering an exceptional service with quality product is what we strive for.

Our Eco-Friendly Products

We know a lot about natural materials, minerals our country is famous for. So why not use these resources in our daily wear as well. With each natural and organic product in our wardrobe, each of us can contribute in protecting our environment. Our eco-friendly products and produced from natural fibres of cotton which are organically produced is one way to keep your wardrobe trendy While you can be a trendsetter to opt for products made from processed fibres from the waste of soyabean, bamboo, corn, milk amongst others are some of the other biodegradable fibres